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About Me

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I have been drawing my entire life, but during high school, took it more seriously at the age of 16 - teaching myself how to digitally draw. I was born in the Southern end of the UK but moved to the USA when I was 9 where I still currently reside.


I studied Computer Science at school, but during my studies, I began a Youtube channel to showcase my art and give tips, how to's, hacks, and made more relatable artist content I felt was needed more on Youtube.


In October of 2016, my Youtube channel took off with my first video to ever hit 100k within the first week. I spent the next 2 years building my channel up from 3,000 subscribers to now over 440,000, as well as an additional 61,000 on Instagram. I have a total of 28,000,000 video views.


I am now a full time artist and social media content creator. I specialize mostly in digital painting in my art career, and in my online video career I handle all filming, presenting, and editing myself.

I have worked with many brands online including companies like Skillshare, Wix, Art Amino, Michaels, Wacom, Disney, and Audible. 


For business inquiries, please contact






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